FAQ 2018-10-08T10:51:06+06:00
What is the timeline for training? 2019-03-25T21:14:57+06:00

The training will continue for 4 weeks on weekends (Friday & Saturday). Dates may change depending on national holidays.

What is the timeline for the entire engagement in the project? 2019-03-25T21:15:09+06:00

3 months from the first session

What are the available slots for the training? 2018-10-08T10:47:17+06:00

There are two slots for the training. Morning (9am to 12 pm) and Afternoon (2:30 pm to 5:30 pm)

Will I receive a certificate? 2018-10-08T10:45:34+06:00

Yes, participants will receive certificate after successful completion of community projects

What are the phases of engagement in Amra Notun Network? 2018-10-08T10:40:00+06:00

In total there are three phases in Amra Notun Network engagement.

1) Training “প্রগতিরপাঠশালা”

2) Community Projects “প্রজেক্ট পথচলা”

3) Regional event “আগামীর অগ্রযাত্রা”.

The training phase will orient and engage the participants with a range of 21st century skillsets.

After the training session, we will have community projects “প্রজেক্ট পথচলা”, where you will work on solving a social problem in your community. And finally, you will be participating in a regional exhibition “আগামীর অগ্রযাত্রা” where you will be presenting the project that you have developed in the problem-solving phase.

Please click the Program tab for details.

How much is the participation fee? 2018-10-08T10:36:27+06:00

The participation fee in BDT 2000. This fee has to be deposited in the specified bank account that will be communicated to the applicant upon selection.

What is the fee for registration/application? 2018-10-08T10:35:29+06:00

There is no fee associated with registration or application. You can apply/register for free.

Who can apply? 2018-10-08T10:35:08+06:00

Anyone who has completed their HSC and is enrolled in their undergraduates is eligible to apply.

Will I be offered a job here? 2018-10-08T10:31:52+06:00

No, you will not offered a job here. This platform is to help your individual development.

What are the benefits of this platform engagement? 2018-10-08T10:32:41+06:00

This platform offers participants the unique opportunity to develop themselves as enlightened and responsible citizens with a unique opportunity for personal development while contributing to social causes.